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Over the years, I've attempted voice lessons a few times and always walked away after a lesson or two. Not this time! Shelley has done the near impossible task of making me feel safe and at ease during our lessons. She is incredibly patient, supportive, warm, and hilarious, too! In addition to helping me with breathing and vocal techniques (which I desperately need, as I'm a beginner!) she also takes the time to nurture my emotional needs as well, as singing has always felt very vulnerable for me. She offers me mantras and writing exercises and is such a great listener. I highly recommend Shelley for any and all students!!

-Marya Ruiz

Shelley is a positive, professional, and effective teacher. My lessons with her are outstanding!

Every single lesson was tailored to my voice and my skill level. As I progressed, so did the lessons. Shelley prepared every lesson and conducted them all professionally. Over the course of a couple months, I went from not being able to carry a tune at all to singing comfortably and confidently in different genres.

She was excellent at teaching all aspects of voice including the anatomical structures involved and techniques to use the voice effectively.  She made difficult concepts easy to understand and used simple training tools very effectively. When I struggled in certain areas, she understood what my problem was even if I couldn't explain it well and helped me correct it.  In addition to her effectiveness as a coach, she is just a wonderful person and joy to work with. I plan on taking more lessons from her and I strongly recommend her to anyone!

-Micah P. 

Shelley is an excellent voice teacher. As a beginner with no singing experience, she immediately made me feel comfortable. Shelley is very patient and takes the time to thoroughly explain any vocal techniques you might be struggling with. Additionally, she is adaptable and flexible. When I had some last minute audition material to work with, she was more than happy to shift gears and accommodate my needs. As far as the quality of her lessons, Shelley is adept in teaching and singing. Lastly, her lessons are affordable and she is always punctual. Whether you're a beginner looking to learn a new skill or a trained professional, I would highly recommend Shelley L Mitchell’s vocal studio!

-Ana L.

-Dana P.

Shelley is always ready to jump right into lessons and has a knack for getting kids to listen. My son has special needs but she sees his gift and strives develop it all the while making his lesson time informative and fun! I highly recommend her!

Shelley is one of the most dedicated coaches I have ever worked with. My name doesn't get lost amongst her other students. When it's time for class, she not only is ready to go with a lesson plan, but it's abundantly clear she spends her own time outside of class prepping for me with scripts and feedback on any work I sent her during the week. After a year of being her student, I have learned so much technique and range. She is very well educated, knows her craft immensely, and her chemistry and dedication was apparent from the start. I've truly never had a coach as involved and diligent as her.

-Suzanna Scorcia

I resumed voice lessons with Shelley after a 12-year hiatus. I had adopted some bad vocal habits and had lost confidence in myself as a singer.  Shelley has helped me turn all of that around! Because of her professionalism, calm presence, and deep pedagogical knowledge, my range and vocal flexibility have improved immensely. More importantly, Shelley has helped me find my confidence and helped me realize that the vocalist I want to be is within reach.

I would recommend Shelley to anyone who wants to grow as a vocalist!

-Alli B. 

Shelley is a dream teacher. Everything you could ever want to help you know and develop your own talent. Starting with belief and delight in you as a student, followed by everything you need to discover the truth and beauty about your own voice., from multi dimensional skill sets and tools for you to learn , with not a second wasted and a constant eye on each expression of the development of your voice from moment to moment. Shelly makes every step of progress feel easy and pleasurable …and the results are truly magical

-Chavi Epstein

I have been taking lessons with Shelley for almost a year and she is fantastic! We used to meet in person and have been now meeting online. I have noticed improvements in the quality of my voice and strength of my head voice (something I mentioned that I wanted to work on).  As a student with previous musical training, I appreciate that Shelley is knowledgeable in music theory and vocal technique.  Shelley's personality is also amazing. She's very kind and easy to learn from, providing effective and actionable feedback to aid a singer.

-Camillie Y.

Shelley is a fantastic teacher that I highly recommend!! I have been working with her for almost a year and I always look forward to lessons with her. Prior to Shelley I never really had proper training and was scared to go about the first lesson but she makes you feel extremely comfortable and is super encouraging. about wanting to help achieve your goals. She really takes the time to know you as a student and gears each lesson and exercise to what works best for you and your voice. Being a dancer she relates the exercises into a dance perspective so that I can best understand what she wants me to achieve. As an aspiring professional performer we work on the things one needs in order to prepare for auditions including creating an audition book, resume/headshots, and learning music theory. I definitely recommend her for anyone really wanting to find and use their voice properly!!!

-Olivia Galiardi

Shelley is an amazing teacher! She is always so positive and supportive, and the exercises and songs she has provided have really helped me develop as a singer and musician. As someone who picked up singing after playing a wind instrument for years, I really appreciate how she's able to explain the purpose of each exercise and what aspect of my singing it is working to improve.

-Sophia Dolan

I love my lessons with Shelley! She’s super professional, punctual and responsive. But most importantly, she makes very acute observations, breaks down every technique/ tool so I can pick up faster, and makes every lesson super fun. I’m extremely happy to found a teacher like her. In just 6-7 weeks, I see a huge improvement in myself. And I look forward to the lesson each week! Can’t recommend her enough, wherever you are in your singing journey.

-Anisha Arora

Shelley has been the most supportive and encouraging instructor I've ever had. I am always comfortable enough to mess up and try again, and she has given me so many tips that have proven useful for my voice. We've been doing weekly online lessons, and I can't recommend her enough!

-Allie Blake

Shelley is such a fabulous teacher! As someone that has had multiple voice teachers I can say without a doubt that Shelley really knows her stuff. She makes students so comfortable and also works with them to push them to do their best. She has a great teaching style and attitude. I would highly recommend studying with her!

-Ellie R.

Shelley is simply a fine teacher. She can articulate clearly next steps in helping me make progress in learning to use my voice. I had another teacher before her, and felt far more successful with Shelley.

-Janet Crist

Shelley is professional, talented and fun. She really takes the time to get to know her students’ goals. I’d highly recommend her, whether you’re a professional singer or looking to explore that skill.

-Prisca Sanchez

I would highly recommend lessons with Shelley Mitchell. The lessons are a very reasonable price and Shelley is so flexible when it comes to scheduling which is very helpful. She is also very easy to get in touch with in so many different ways such as email or text. In terms of the lessons themselves, the first half is a warm up where Shelley gives tools to help develop the voice, and then the second half is working on building a repertoire. I think both sections have been really useful to me and I always leave a lesson feeling productive and like I have learned something. Also, Shelley is just generally a really nice and bubbly person to work with. She makes the learning environment feel safe which is, I think, extremely important, especially when it comes to singing. I thoroughly enjoy my lessons :))

-Ella Brock

Shelley is fantastic. She made me feel at ease right away, even though I have no prior singing experience and I was incredibly nervous. As early as my second lesson, I could already hear a difference in my voice when I listened back to the recording of our session! She really knows what she's doing and it shows. I highly recommend Shelley. In addition to being a great music teacher - which she is - she's also so pleasant to work with! She's fast to respond, very accommodating with her schedule, friendly and easygoing, and professional. I started out thinking I'd just take a few weeks' worth of lessons to get out of my comfort zone. Over a year later, I'm still here, and looking forward to every week.

-Alison Meade

Shelley is amazing! All my old teachers always told me to breathe to release the tension in my voice, but Shelley taught me vocal warmups to ease the strain. I now can sing better and connect to lyrics.

-Hannah Fontilus

When it come to vocal training, sight singing, music theory, vocal coaching... Shelley is the! I would certainly recommend her to anyone who is seeking private lessons. It is such a joy to teach alongside her and watch her work

-Antoine D.

Throughout my time training with Shelley, I’ve constantly been able to see the progression of my voice after each lesson. I could constantly see the improvements in my tone quality and without her instruction, I would be nowhere near the level I am currently.

-Kai Land

Shelley is a wonderful voice teacher. She made me feel very comfortable from our first lesson, which I really appreciated as a beginner. The lessons are always fun as well as challenging. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to improve their singing voice.


Shelley is an amazing teacher! From the beginning she took the time to hear out my concerns, and then made sure to explain the exercises to me, and how they helped. If she noticed I was having trouble with an exercise, she would modify it, or try something different that would help in a similar way. She also was quick to notice when I was holding back, and would push me to try my very best. Because of her my voice improved in ways I thought it never would, and my confidence did as well! I look forward to the day I can continue my lessons with her!


I was fortunate to work closely with Shelley at NYU for several years. She is not only an exceptional singer when it comes to technique, versatility and musicality but she has a true understanding of how the voice works and an ability to communicate clearly when it comes the abstract and complex concepts that are involved in singing. Shelley is also an excellent musician and a dedicated and fun performer and teacher who brings joy to all of the work that she does. She is operating at a level far above most singers and voice teachers in NYC and yet she is down to earth and will find a way to relate to any student. Anyone thinking of studying with Shelley should jump at the chance!

-Anna Winthrop

As a student in NYU, Shelley was my third or fourth musical instructor. In general, what I have seen is that musical instructors have a great talent and knowledge in their given field, but I found that their knowledge wasn't clearly disseminated to me. However, specifically in terms of voice lessons, Shelley was able to tailor the lessons to who I was as a person. She combined her knowledge with my interests to help me learn how to best use my voice. For example, I love ASL and have foundational knowledge in the language. At the beginning of most lessons, Shelley and I would check in with each other and would make sure we are both doing ok (that the stresses of the week didn't bring us down). This is how Shelley began to learn of my interest in ASL, and used it in our lessons. ASL is a beautifully emotional language that requires you to paint a picture. And when I sang, Shelley told me I needed more emotion; I needed to paint the picture. So she told me to sign the song in ASL. This is just a long winded way of saying Shelley will learn your voice/personality, and she will use all her techniques to make you the best you! I miss my lessons with her because they were therapeutic for me. Today, I have a better understanding of my voice and it capabilities. #MoreAir #CreateSpace #SingOut #BECONFIDENT #Music=Therapy

-Julie George

Shelley was a phenomenal vocal training teacher. She has a sound knowledge of music, and it really translated over the 3-4 months of training I had with her. From employing a variety of drills to train different aspects of my voice, to coaching me through ways to expand my range and get comfortable in my own vibe and style, she stands out amongst the crop of musical professionals today.Shelley was always very professional, respectful of my time, aware of my inhibitions, and just an overal caring person. I highly recommend her to all future potential students.


Shelley is a phenomenal vocal coach and really expanded my vocal abilities. Her lessons were customized to help me grow as a vocal student. My vocal strength, pitch, and overall sound were greatly improved during my lessons with Shelley. She is extremely professional and goes out of her way to make sure her students are accomplishing their goals. Her suggested exercises helped build-up my voice. Additionally, her teaching methods and personality not only made me a better vocalist, but boosted my confidence in singing as well. If you are looking for a vocal coach, Shelley is the one to go to. Her teaching methods, professionalism, and kindness make her the best coach. I really enjoyed my time working with Shelley!


In the 3 short months that I spent with Shelley, she really helped me unlock my voice in a way that I never have before. She gave me both the technique and the confidence to keep growing. I was lucky to have her!


Every lesson with Shelley was a blast! Her techniques are effective, and her teaching style personally caters to each student. In the semester I took with her, not only did I discover a completely different vocal style, but I was able to nurture that new voice under Shelley's instruction. Her kind and nurturing personality only helps in the process!


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